Cosmos of Ciara Beckers

I am not looking for, I use what I have around me. When I see something then my ideas born, but also everything starts from myself.

Ciara Beckers is a young artist and in my opinion artist – pioneer because she explores the thing which nobody seems to notice. Her art is very simple but also a bit of surrealistic. I met Ciara last year at the Tiny Traders Village market. While we met again for an interview, I thought that she has something similar to Salvador Dali who was fascinated with revealing deepest ego.

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Woodstock, New York, illustrations – an interview with artist Sharon Watts

On an evening in June 2020, Sharon Watts’s illustrations take me to an America the 60s & 70s which emanated with the big changes. Dreams pour out from the stories of a reluctant hippie chick. Did Sharon meet Bob Dylan at Cafe Reggio on MacDougal Street in New York? –  I wonder.

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People who change the world in Galway

So here’s an idea for a more useful game. Next time you go for a walk, pick a bag and fill it with trash, post a picture of it and nominate other friends to do so. We all have gloves and masks, you’ll be isolated so no excuses, but please respect the quarantine restrictions. Please feel free to participate without being nominated

-wrote Enrico Bagnoli on his Facebook profile and he has motivated others to clean up their nearest areas.

He went for a walk and took a large bag full of plastic rubbish and fishing waste on the edge of the ocean.

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African sun in Ireland

These are not just colourful fabrics, this is my identity, the country I come from, the taste of my childhood.

so Virtue Shine told me, a fashion designer from Ghana who now sews brightly coloured clothes in Galway.

January in Ireland over the wild Atlantic is a burden. Heavy rain, gales, hail, grey colour skies. Meanwhile I enter Virtue’s studio and there I can see hundreds of special fabrics around, each with different patterns and colours. On the hangers are dresses, skirts, jackets, scarves, bags and birds.

Working with colours here in Galway, where the sky is clouded so often is a great privilege, because the colour is a mood lifter and can preset my day

says Virtue.

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Make love no waste

I meet Aurélie Vargas in one of the Galway cafes. We sit at the table and she gave me the fabric flower sac where I find: oval face soap, teddy bear shampoo and square body soap with stamped inscription: 100% hand made.

All of them made from natural ingredients, look beautiful in simple colours. I couldn’t imagine before how shampoo can be solid without plastic bottle.

I put them on the table next to our coffees, and Aurélie takes me into the world of her natural cosmetics. She explores it from four years, and she has been making them by herself two years already.

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People I met in the car

Many years ago, when I was a student I use to go by hitch-hiking especially for holiday. The idea came from the localisation of my university which was situated very close to the road to Gdańsk, which is the city by the sea in Poland. Every day we could see the signpost from the city bus on the way to the university. One day me and my two my friends just decided to go to the sea by hitch-hiking and so the adventure began.

Today, I don’t do hitch-hiking anymore, however the situations repeated to me that somebody just stop even in the city and want to take me by car. They are people, who I don’t know, but they so often make my day, because they are simple friendly.

So I would like to dedicated this article to them: Ian, Olive, woman from Zlotniki, and many others.

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Venezuelan Empanadas in Galway

“All our dreams can come true, if we have a courage to pursue them”

Ana makes traditional Venezuelan empanadas at Galawy Fresh Market, each Saturday. In addition to delicious food, she always gives sunny smile to the people. First time I met her two years ago, when my sister and my niece visited me. We were contented that we found terrific food on the street, also GLUTEN FREE.

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Meeting with Daniel Munteanu – an author of project “Transience”

The value of things is not the time they last but the intensity with which they occur. That is why there are unforgettable moments and unique people

Fernando Pessoa

“Transience” – this is the project of impressionist photography with poetry and music. It is an idea by Daniel Munteanu, Romanian artist from Sibiu.

I had a chance to seen his exhibition and also the short movies of visual poems at the Bruckenthal Museum of Contemporary Art in Sibiu, during International Theatre Festival.

This ART is about fleeting moments, which appeared in our life and disappear so quickly but they left vital light inside us.

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