What have I on my head?

Nature is silvering my strands of hair

it looks like a morning river

sometimes like a willow bark

or dancing grass on a cliff

The consent to grey hair is a step in getting along with yourself – I read in “Vogue” and kissed the silver strands that have been snowing in my curls for several years.

I think, the first grey hair is difficult to accept, because it is associated with old age, and seems far from the promoted canon of beauty. I had a period where I was thinking I would be forever young. So, when I saw my debut grey hair a few years ago, I started to cut it out, because it was to early have them – I have supposed.

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“Hello darkness, my old friend”

When the light goes out over my story, I hesitate to get up and make a coffee in an orange mug but I do it and go into the darkness. The wipers can not keep up with the ocean that pours in front of my eyes. I feel dizzy in my head for thirty minutes. And finally, I see that sheep also like to hide under a rock.

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Your own ritual

The morning has the taste of dates

nostalgic and quite rough

The rain is dripping into the coffee

– a friend who listens

I have one regular ritual in the morning for two or even three years. I sit down on a plush sofa with a cup of coffee, with nice porridge (today full of dates), and sometimes with fresh orange juice and a cat on my knees (depending on cat).

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Birds – my neighbors and Agnieszka Osiecka’s poem for support


the cherry blossom

has arrived

as if that is what

we were really waiting for.

(from poem “Cranes lean in” by Imtia Dharker)

I’ve always liked to observe the world around me, but since I slowed down more because of a pandemic, I start to see my local piece more clearly.

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Crisis on the tenth day of quarantine

A crow flies from tree to tree, and I want to contemplate his velvet wings. Meanwhile, the bird sits between the leafless branches on the background of the clouds. He is staring at me. Why spring is missing today? – I swallow my thought with the air and almost run along my dear path as if I were running away.

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