Do It Yourself – Australian birds in my kitchen

My life is small things.

I placed my favourite spices in the little glass jars with special inscriptions: LOVE (MIŁOŚĆ in Polish) – for the orange saffron, SUN (SŁOŃCE in Polish) – for turmeric, MAGIC (CZAR in Polish) – for black sesame seeds, FOREST (LAS in Polish) – for flax seeds.

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I don’t want to be the same – I want to go beyond my habits

The phenomenon of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival in Romania goes on regardless of time. It is a sense of community of people from various countries, the openness to others, and the love of artistic activities. Last year, I was a volunteer at this festival and recently I got a chance to participate in the conference Sibiu Performing Arts Market again.

The theatre festival in Sibiu has become part of life for many people. For mee, too. So, I would like to share with you the moving spirit which I experienced at the last online edition.

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Umbrella Orphanage

When the next month is still terribly grey and the ocean is pouring on your head. Do you wonder if the Irish winter consisted of the same Blue Mondays?

On top of it people in Galway still hope it rains. Yes, HOPE it RAINS – SOINEANN nó DOINEANN this is the project, as part of the European Capital of Culture Galway 2020, dedicated especially to Galway – the rainiest city in Europe.

The authors of this activity prove that rainy and blowing weather can bring people closer to each other and wake up creativity.

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“Life is beautiful because of the people we meet”

Have you ever had the situation that hostile weather thwarted your plans, just like a storm stopped the opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture at 8 th February 2020, in Galway, Ireland and overturned the plans of 50,000 enthusiasts?

Nothing replaces the performance prepared by the Wonder Works class-world company. However, even a pressing storm can’t stop what was born between people in the rainy city.

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