I moved to new website BLUETRAM.NET

Dear Readers, I moved my blog to the new website: BLUETRAM.

If you still want to travel with Blue Tram please check out: bluetram.net. THANK YOU for beeing with me.

Drodzy Czytelnicy, przeniosłam mój bloga na nową stronę: BLUETRAM.

Jeśli nadal chcecie podróżować z Niebieskim Tramwajem, zapraszam tutaj: BLUETRAM.

Dziękuję, za Waszą obecność!


“Hello darkness, my old friend”

When the light goes out over my story, I hesitate to get up and make a coffee in an orange mug but I do it and go into the darkness. The wipers can not keep up with the ocean that pours in front of my eyes. I feel dizzy in my head for thirty minutes. And finally, I see that sheep also like to hide under a rock.

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Summer dress of Connemara – a tale and photographs

When I was a small I was asking “What is life, mom?”.

You see life is me and you, this bird, that tree and flower – she was answering to me.

from the song of Dżem “Naive questions”.

Summer came. Connemara has dressed in juicy green and now looks like a land of hobbits. Fragrant, soft, blissful.

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Galway after sunrise #1

This city wear jeans and spreads poems in culs-de-sacs. Here time is like the ocean, patiently shining between my fingers.

Twelve years ago I met a city inlet of the Atlantic, full of shimmering colours, sincere tolerance, songs flowing to the heart – and the loud cries of seagulls. Then I thought that I would like to live here someday. After some years, the fleeting vision turned into reality. I have lived in Galway for seven years.

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The light of Paul Cézanne

He is a painter, his job is to paint. For himself, for painting, because that is his vocation, because he would not be able to not transform what he sees into the painting works.

– wrote Henri Perruchot in the book “Cézanne”.

This is one of my favourite publications. It made me want to go to Aix-de-Provence, a small town in France, where a boy was born, who at the age of five scribbled with charcoal on the walls of what surrounding him, and people were surprised how realistic it was.

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One day in Dublin – take your time

Dublin is a city of colourful doors, poetic quotes even on urban electric boxes, surreal bridges crossing the river Liffey, double-decker buses, songs, grunge style, parks, retro dresses, people’s gestures above law, idyllic cafes, giant windows and diverse cultures shaking hands every day.

So if you visit Dublin only for one day – relax and let to experience yourself this character.

The famous monuments leave for the future.

I promise you that even half a day in Dublin is enough to make you feel like on the meeting with peculiar friend.

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My personal symbol of Wroclaw

There is one place in Wroclaw, Poland, where I always drop in, even if I come to the city for only two days. Kawalerka Cafe has become my personal symbol of Wroclaw.

It is a tiny place located on Benedytkt Polak street opposite the blocks from postmodern architecture or cosmic blocks as I usually call them, nearby the Grunwald Bridge.

The coffee shop is decorated in 60s and  90s style. Not so long ago you could choose a music from tape records and play it on.

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On the way through Connemara

The first day of Christmas is gray. I pour coffee into a orange, travel cup and tea into a thermos, wrap four pieces of poppy seed cake. We go to Connemara. Can’t imagine to visit her on Christmas, actually I can’t already imagine to live without her.

Beige hills, raw rocks, wet khaki colorued grasses and white-blue sheep awake me to the authenticity.

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