Your own ritual

The morning has the taste of dates

nostalgic and quite rough

The rain is dripping into the coffee

– a friend who listens

I have one regular ritual in the morning for two or even three years. I sit down on a plush sofa with a cup of coffee, with nice porridge (today full of dates), and sometimes with fresh orange juice and a cat on my knees (depending on cat).

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Galway after sunrise #1

This city wear jeans and spreads poems in culs-de-sacs. Here time is like the ocean, patiently shining between my fingers.

Twelve years ago I met a city inlet of the Atlantic, full of shimmering colours, sincere tolerance, songs flowing to the heart – and the loud cries of seagulls. Then I thought that I would like to live here someday. After some years, the fleeting vision turned into reality. I have lived in Galway for seven years.

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People who change the world in Galway

So here’s an idea for a more useful game. Next time you go for a walk, pick a bag and fill it with trash, post a picture of it and nominate other friends to do so. We all have gloves and masks, you’ll be isolated so no excuses, but please respect the quarantine restrictions. Please feel free to participate without being nominated

-wrote Enrico Bagnoli on his Facebook profile and he has motivated others to clean up their nearest areas.

He went for a walk and took a large bag full of plastic rubbish and fishing waste on the edge of the ocean.

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Birds – my neighbors and Agnieszka Osiecka’s poem for support


the cherry blossom

has arrived

as if that is what

we were really waiting for.

(from poem “Cranes lean in” by Imtia Dharker)

I’ve always liked to observe the world around me, but since I slowed down more because of a pandemic, I start to see my local piece more clearly.

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